About Us

Our guesthouse is a landmarked building from the Gründerzeit. Then it was known as the “Feldschlösschen Paunsdorf”. Locals referred to it as their little “castle in the meadows” for there was a ballroom inside, the kitchen was known for its excellent food and many guests stopped by and just let themselves get spoilt by its various comforts.

Decades later it was only being used as a tenement and in 1997 it was completely abandoned and fell into deep sleep. Disintegration seemed to be its fate.

But in 1999 the Walther family acquired the property and restored it devotedly to its former beauty. In 2000 it was ready to accommodate the family and in June 2012 the whole project was being finished.

In October 2012 the landmark opened its doors to the public. It is now a guesthouse again and thereby regained its former role. The rooms are stylishly decorated to appeal to everyone who wishes to enjoy a few days with us: families, tourists, businessmen, assemblers …